Injectable Muscle Building Testosterone Phenylpropionate TPP Steroid Powder CAS 1255-49-8

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Testosterone Phenylpropionate Synonyms: retandrol; CAS: 1255-49-8 Appearance: white crystalline powder; Assay: 99% min. EINECS: 215-014-4 Molecular Formula: C28H36O3 Molecular weight: 420.58 Packing: foil bag or tin. Usage: Pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones.Testosterone’s anabolic/androgenic effects are dependant upon the dose administered; usually the higher the dose, the better the results . In a study done on Testosterone Enanthate, a dose as high as 600 mg per week produced better results in subjects compared to those who received lower doses. At the highest dose, 600 mg/week, the greatest results were achieved in comparison to any of the lower doses studied. The highest fat loss, most muscle growth, and increased size and strength were achieved at the higher dose . In the same study, HDL cholesterol was lowered and the subjects experienced acne. There was roughly a 15% gain in Lean Body Mass from 20 weeks of 600 mg/week of Testosterone therapy. Overall, the most common report by subjects using Testosterone Phenylpropionate was immense gains in strength as well as alterations in size, shape, and appearance of the muscle .
NOTICE: If you do not wish to use EO replace it with GSO or your oil of choice Abbreviations BA = Benzyl alcohol  BB = Benzyl benzoate  GSO = Grapeseed oil
 100mls @ 100mg/ml
10g powder         37.5ml EO    37ml GSO           3ml BA (3%)       15ml BB (15%)
 60mls @ 150mg/ml 
9g powder            25ml EO     14.5ml GSO         1.8ml BA (3%)     12ml BB (20%)
 60mls @ 166mg/ml
10g powder           25ml EO     13.7 GSO             1.8ml BA (3%)     12 ml BB (20%)
 40mls @ 125mg/ml
3g test pp powder   2g npp powder  15.1ml EO    12ml GSO  1.2ml BA (3%)    8ml BB (20%)
Testolent will give the user more mass to the muscle, burn fat in the body, enhance libido, increase immunity and increase energy. For normal growth and development of male sex organs and maintenance of secondary sex characteristics,gaining and maintaining lean muscle mass, preventing Osteoporosis ,and prot for promoting health and well-being through enhanced libido, energy, immunity, increased fat lection against heart disease. 

Testosterone phenylpropionate TPP Stacking

Testosterone phenylpropionate stacks well with other compounds. In order to increase the density and the mass of muscles it is recommended to be combining with dieting and exercising. A good drug to be combined especially in cutting cycles is Nandrolone phenylpropionate.

Testosterone phenylpropionate TPP dosage

For male is 300mg- 3000mg/ week

Female sportsmen are not recommended to use this drug because of side effects that may occur.

Testosterone Phenylpropionate active half-life

 3-4 days

Testosterone Phenylpropionate (active half-life 3-4 days) 1.Phenylpropionate has the shortest duration of all testosterone esters with the exception of Testosterone Propionate. 2.You will need to administer Testosterone-Phenylpropionate three times per week; the first dose will give you lots of energy which will reduce after two days. 3.The second, on the other hand will increase the effects of the hormone in the body, and the third will ensure your blood levels remain stable and peaked. 4.You might be able to get away with two injections per week, and some will find every other day to be extremely useful, but three injections per week is a good protocol to follow. 5.Phenylpropionate yields approximately 66 mg of actual testosterone per 100mg shot.

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