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Product name: Trenbolone Acetate Alias: Trenbolone Acetate;Revalor-H; Finaplix;4,9,11-estratrien-17β-ol-3-one Acetate CAS No.: 10161-34-9 EINECS: 233-432-5 Assay: 99%min Appearance: White crystal powder Molecular formula: C26H40O3 Effective Dose (Men): 50-100mg every other day Effective Dose (Women): Not recommended Molecular weight: 400.6 Specific optical rotation:+77°-+82°The recipe for 1000 ml of trenbolone acetate @ 100 mg/ml need: Quality Tren Ace powders: 100 grams; BA: 2%, 20 ml BB: 10%, 100 ml GSO: 795.2 ml

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Trenbolone Acetate



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Pharmaceutical material


Natural, Safe, High Purity


single greatest anabolic steroid


Increase muscle growth and appetite

1. Get a clean 1000 ml volume beaker and weigh out 100 grams of tren ace powder. Put 100 grams of tren ace raw powders into the beaker, add 20 ml of BA and 100 ml of BB; 2. The melting point of tren ace is 94~97 °C, we can use water bath to melt tren ace powder. Put the beaker in hot water bath which the temperature of water is about 95 to 100 °C and about 4 inches depth (Please pre-heat the water in advance.). After about 5 to 8 minutes heating in water bath, then the tren ace oil be melted. By heating in water bath, the conversion won't get dark even we heat it for a little longer time. 3. After the powders in the beaker are melted completely, then we add GSO into the beaker and keep brewing. Use a magnetic stirrer if you have or use a glass rod to replace the stirrer. If you are using a magnetic stirrer, please watch out the temperature. Please set up at about 95 to 100 °C. Brewing for another 10 minutes and the brewing is done and it will be ready for filtering. Before we inject the oil, we have to make sure it is safe and sterile for use, so sterile filtration have to be done. Tips : You can choose to get Semi-finished liquids from us--then just need to filter,or you can also choose to get finished liquids from us-- then it is ready to inject or sell .Common 100mg/mL Recipe for 100mL 10 gram Trenbolone Acetate powder (7.5mL) 2mL BA (2%) 20mL BB (20%) 70.5mL Oil Will also hold in: 10 gram Trenbolone Acetate powder (7.5mL) 2mL BA (2%) 15mL BB (15%) 75.5mL Oil All depends on how thin you won’t your oil to be. Tren holds well with a low co-solvent (BB) concentration. Common 100mg/mL Recipe for 100mL NO BB 10 gram Trenbolone Acetate powder (7.5mL) 5mL BA (5%) 87.5mL Oil80mg/ml @ 250ml 20 gram Trenbolone Acetate powder (15mL) 5mL BA (2%) 50mL BB (20%) 180mL Oil200mg/mL Recipe for 100mL EO, No Oil. 20 gram Trenbolone Acetate powder (15mL) 2mL BA (2%) 25mL BB (25%) 58mL EOFor Advanced:  Primobolan 600mg per week, weeks 1-10 Trenbolone enanthate 400mg per week, weeks 1-10 Testosterone enanthate 1000mg per week, weeks 1-12 Trenbolone enanthate 500-700mg per week, weeks 1-12 Anavar 80-100mg ed, weeks 1-14For Intermediate:  Testosterone enanthate 750mg per week, weeks 1-12 Trenbolone enanthate 400mg per week, weeks 1-12 Winstrol 50mg ed weeks, 8-14 Primobolan 600mg per week, weeks 1-10 Testosterone propionate 200mg eod weeks 1-12 Trenbolone enanthate 400mg per week, weeks 1-101: The primary difference between Trenbolone Acetate and Trenbolone enanthate is esters 2: While Tren E, featured by comparatively less esters, peaks at a slow pace and leaves the system slowly, Tren A with more esters peaks faster and leaves the system faster 3: Tren A is better when it comes to maintaining stable blood levels, especially when athletes want to gain muscle mass and strength when following a dieting regimen. 4: the human body finds it simpler to absorb a higher percentage of milligrams when injected with the acetate form rather than in the enanthate form.In contrast, trenbolone enanthate’s percentage of active steroid is nearly 20% lower. For this reason, weekly total dosing for trenbolone enanthate is a little higher than for the acetate. For the enanthate, weekly total dosing is typically 300-800 mg. Unlike trenbolone acetate which has a half-life of only about 1 day and therefore should be injected daily, trenbolone enanthate is typically injected 2-4 times per week. The half life is probably about 5 day.

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